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We all have a story. A story of where we have been, where we are going, and how we get there. Our stories are as unique as our fingerprints. No one has lived life the way you have. Your life speaks to someone.

So tell your story.

As Christians we often think our story has to lead people to Christ. It is like an elevator pitch to convince someone of something they don’t want to be convinced of. To sell to someone who isn’t buying.

Your story isn’t a marketing tool, your story is a road map to transformation. Not everyone will understand your landmarks, construction zones, or detours. But the ones who need to read it will. That is who your story is for, but you won’t know who it’s for

Unless you tell it.

All of us has a story. They all start different. They all have different forks in the road.

They are all worth telling.

The thing about stories is you don’t know who needs to hear it. So you have to tell it, because no one will ask for it. It may not seem life changing for you, but it is life changing for the listener.

So open your mouth and breathe life into your story.

I have a story that I told to my church. When I was asked, I didn’t think I had anything to share. But I did. If you want, you can hear my story. (starting at minute 14:20, but the stuff before that is good too. It’s just Israel’s story)

Catalyst_06Oct2013 from Catalyst Worship on Vimeo.

Tell your story. Because it matters. It matters to you, to the people who hear it. It matters to God.

Like Shauna says, when we tell our stories, lives change. Share yours. You can start today, in the comments below or simply saying it out loud to God.

Your story matters.

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