When Life Throws a Curveball

I don’t mean to make this a morbid post.  But the truth about life, is you don’t know what is heading your way.  The things we prepare for, worry about, and lose sleep over are often not the things that blind side us on a Monday afternoon.  Life has a habit of kicking your feet out from underneath you when you least expect it, when you believe everything is going okay.

So don’t wait for tomorrow, what needs done today.

That’s one good thing that cancer taught me.  (Although I wish I had learned it through a greeting card or post it, instead of through surgery and radiation)  Now I try to live each day without regretting how I spent it.  Because while the days are long, the years sure are short.

It doesn’t mean every day is rainbows and unicorns.  Most days the kids drive me bonkers, my husband and I argue over things that don’t matter (but boy are we gonna prove our points) and I trudge through the day just hoping the next one is better.

But, even in the midst of the hard stuff, each day is an incredible opportunity to make sure the ones we love KNOW we love them.  And no matter what happens, I don’t go to bed without making sure my husband and kids hear me say, “I love you.”  Isaac will wipe my kisses off his face and say, “Enough already.”  But he will always hear it from me before his head hits the pillow.

I was reminded of how important this is, from my cousin who posted on Facebook about my aunt, who passed away very suddenly Monday.  Although she had been really sick, she was getting better.  And then she was gone.  But, what my cousin said, rang true.  Dana never left us without saying, “I love you kiddo.”

Life is so incredibly precious.  Don’t waste it, don’t fill it up with things don’t matter, don’t let get anger and bitterness swallow you whole, and don’t sit waiting for life to happen.  Lift your hands high in the air and Thank God you have another day.  And then live that day to the fullest; without regret, without fear, and without remorse.

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