What I have

There is a story in John that you might be familiar with. Jesus goes with his disciples off somewhere remote.

And people follow him.

The disciples are worried because it is a lot of people and there is no food.

Jesus asks Philip. “What do you have?”

Philip the literalist says, “I have nothing.”

Jesus turns to Andrew. “What do you have?”

Andrew, a truthful realist says, “I have this, but it isn’t enough.”

And Jesus says to all who are there, all the thousands who came to hear and speak with him, “Let me take these loaves of bread and baskets of fish and turn it into enough for each of you.”

It’s the miracle of the loaves and fish.

A story you probably saw in felt form if you spent time at Sunday School in the 80’s. We always focus on the miracle of the multiplication of the actual food. The physical sustenance that Jesus provided. It is a miracle but there is a deeper level that is just as miraculous.

The people were satisfied on a soul level. They all came to Jesus for a reason. They had a deep hunger or thirst for something they couldn’t find on their own. They wanted to meet him for something personal that kept them awake at night, or in pain, or in sorrow, or in confusion. How could Jesus, who was one man touch each of those thousands of people personally, at the same time?

Philip didn’t think it was possible.

Andrew only believed halfway.

But Jesus doesn’t do halfway.

He takes the little faith we have and explodes it into something bigger than we can even imagine. Into something we didn’t expect. Into something that we didn’t know we needed.

What if the miracle wasn’t that the people ate, but that they met Jesus and were filled. They were spiritually and physically transformed. What they needed and what He provided met in that moment and it was enough.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Jesus became in that moment the manna from heaven for their stomachs and their hearts. They didn’t grumble about wanting or needing more but accepted what was given in the present.

All it took was a little bit of belief that God would work a miracle that day.

And the people showed up.

God showed up.

And the world changed.

bread of life

What can’t you forgive? What do you doubt? What keeps you up at night?

Bring whatever forgiveness you have before God and let him multiply it.

Bring whatever faith you have before God and let him multiply it.

Bring whatever peace you have before God and let him multiply it.

You bring what you have and God will do the rest. Otherwise it isn’t a miracle, is it?



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