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Expect Light

The longest night of the year doesn’t have to be the darkest. Continue reading

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Forgive yourself everyday

Beautiful and true, isn’t it? I have thinking a lot about reconciliation.Whatever I read and hear lately comes back to this: Love God. Love your neighbor as yourself. Maybe if the bible had printed it this way: love God and … Continue reading

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Compassion is . . .

We need more compassion in today’s world. When I open my news feed and see people debating whether gay rights is biblically right or wrong, I want to answer with compassion. When I see faces stretched in anger, hurt pouring … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day, a call to action

Do you know why we celebrate Mother’s Day? Not, why we celebrate moms, but how the holiday came about? I admit, I thought it was another holiday cooked up by greeting card companies trying to fill in the months between … Continue reading

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