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Before you start your Christmas shopping

    We need a reminder today, don’t we? After reading Facebook posts of insane shopping sprees and viewing videos of shoppers gone wild, we need to remember all our kids need is love. If you don’t find the perfect … Continue reading

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Talking about Tragedy

Don’t let the world tell your kids how to process tragedy. Continue reading

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One neighborhood at a time

Nothing changes unless we try to change ourselves. Continue reading

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Little ears hear

Our kids don’t only need to see what we do wrong. They can see how we make it right. Continue reading

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Kids Teach

How origami made me stop and listen to the wisdom of my oldest. Continue reading

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Be the example

Be the example you want your kids to live. Lectures will only go so far if you don’t live what you believe and tell your kids.
Be the example. Continue reading

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Know what you want

A Facebook friend posted a link to an article about Gen X-ers parenting in the age of technology. It is a great article and describes the tension parents today feel between what is available and what kids are ready for. … Continue reading

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