I may be deep in editing mode. I just spent ten minutes reworking my husband’s email to a teacher.

Ten minutes.

Not because what he said was wrong, but because it could be said better.

That is how my brain is working right now. Every morning and afternoon I sit down and comb through my writing. I look for places that could be clearer, the tension more active, the dialog more engaging. It is a slow slog through the pages. Two weeks and four chapters, which is funny considering I just wrote 50k in a month.

Revising is a whole different animal. Since I am not much of an outliner, there is a lot of work ensuring the story makes sense. I love revising though, there is nothing better than going through a section and finding a better word, or a better way to show something.

“Throw up into your typewriter every morning. Clean up every noon.”
― Raymond Chandler

That about sums up my writing process.

The tricky thing about revising, is it is hard to shut off my brain. The rest of the day I have one foot in the present and the other is stuck somewhere on page 40 of my manuscript. Or I spend 10 minutes arguing with my husband about the clearest way to communicate with a teacher.

The kids, my poor kids, will get a lecture on how to tell a story to make it more effective, or I chuck the book I am reading to them across the room because the author got lost in their own brilliance.

Revising is the thrust of writing, for me, it’s where the story comes alive, the words dance, and the plot grows. The road is uphill and rest is out of sight, but I know when I get there, it will be worth it.

If I don’t annoy everyone in the process.

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