Mother’s Day, a call to action

Do you know why we celebrate Mother’s Day? Not, why we celebrate moms, but how the holiday came about? I admit, I thought it was another holiday cooked up by greeting card companies trying to fill in the months between the major holidays.

But it has a deep history, and at the heart of it was to remember women who tended to wounded soldiers on both sides in the Civil War.  Women who encouraged peace and reconciliation after the war, and mourned with those who lost loved ones. Women who fought to lower infant mortality by improving sanitary conditions. Women who lived lives of social justice.

Huh, no chocolates, flower bouquets, and brunches?

Read about how Mother’s Day started in this article from National Geographic. This year we celebrate the 100th year of this holiday, but it is a far cry from the intentions of the founders of the holiday.

The original intent was rooted in activism, and the woman who fought to have the holiday instituted in honor of her own mother, then fought until the end of her life to get it out of the throes of consumerism.

It really makes me think about how we celebrate it today.

The women this holiday is based on worked for social justice. Peace. Reconciliation. They formed out of a group of women who mourned the loss of their sons and husbands lost in the Civil War.

I don’t mean to be a downer on this bright sunny Mother’s Day weekend, but I like to think a unique gift of mothers is to nurture, foster reconciliation, and give voice to the voiceless.

I like that celebration of mother’s day. That sounds right to me.

That give me hope.

This mother’s day, honor the mom in your life by helping someone else. Our family donated to a local women’s shelter. Think about donating to Compassion International, Mercy House Kenya, or a local mission that helps mothers.

It’s great to honor your mother, these are the women who taught us how to care, take care of, and nurture others. We have a day all our own, where our voices can be heard. Use that gift and help someone else.


I used the following resource for this article:

I am not affiliated with Compassion International or Mercy House Kenya. I just really believe in the work they do. 


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