How is my light spent?

Do you ever hear a quote that brings truth slamming into your face?

That happened to me today. I was driving down the road, rushing to an appointment I was sure I would be late to. And the podcast I listened to delivered this line:

When I consider how my light is spent

John Milton

Doesn’t that line take your breath away? Milton lost his sight at age 46, and he wrote this as his eyesight failed him. His response was to choose to spend that time wisely, carefully, intentionally.


Do you consider how your light is spent? All of our time is precious, none of us has life infinite. It isn’t a depressing thought, it is an empowering thought. What will I do with the time I have? We all have a choice.

Doesn’t it make your time more precious?

Fill your days with more meaning?

Dash away the pestering problems and help you hold on to the real, the tangible, the present?

When I consider how my light is spent, I know I want to spend it leaving someone with joy and not a bad taste in their mouth.

When I consider how my light is spent, I want it to be done fully awake and alive, I never want to wonder where the days have gone.

When I consider how my light is spent, I don’t want it to be tainted with regret, but always moving forward towards a different future.

If we don’t consider how our light is spent, we end up wasting life. Unintentionally going through days like there are more where that one came from.

How will you spend your light?



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