Hard Days

There is troubling news all around us and I see friends on Facebook and friends in conversation struggling with this world. This world is hard. Really hard. People get sick. People leave this world too soon. Racism persists. Hatred continues. Children die because they don’t have enough to eat.

This world doesn’t have the answers.

Today on my run I was listening to Rob Bell talking about the immensities of life. The things that happen that have no explanation, the cancers, the hurt, the pain people experience just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. And he told the story of Jacob. A man who wrestled with God and walked away with a limp. Not in in pain, but because he experienced the divine.

That may now be my favorite Rob Bell quote.

We live in a world where love and suffering live alongside each other. Creation hasn’t caught up to God’s divine love and that middle place is difficult, lonely and hard most days.

But the right now isn’t how the world ends. It’s just the growing pains to our ultimate story.

Now-the-dwelling-of-GodGod will wipe our tears. God does. He experiences our pain, knows our suffering. He isn’t a distant God who leaves us to suffer. He wipes our tears.

And I believe we can have peace right now. In the midst of tragedy, in the midst of life that doesn’t make sense. When you turn on the news and your heart grows sick, remember God is unshakeable. And we are unshakeable because we are with him. Don’t get stuck in the pain of this world, because the world doesn’t win in the end.

Love Does.

Go out today in the peace of a God who doesn’t fail. Who gathers and protects the people of this world and showers his glory on us all. Don’t let your heart grow sick with the world, let it rejoice in the certainty that the world will be transformed.

Just as you have been



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