Do What Lasts


It took cancer for me to learn to live life this way. It didn’t happen overnight, but it was a long journey towards what really matters. Everyday I fight against the tide of what the world says is important. Somedays I lose and I get caught up in the wave and crash against the shore. The days I live for are the ones where I don’t get lost in all the junk of life.

We only get this one life, and this life matters. Start treating it like it does.

The above quote is from Bob Goff, who I heard on a radio show. He impacted me because every Thursday he quits something good, to make room for something great. It took a while for people to understand what he was doing and why, but the power he demonstrates in creating space in his life is one we should all embrace and own in our lives.

We spend a lot of time, especially as parents, doing things we think matter. We sign our kids up for lessons, sports, enrichment classes; chasing the American dream. All of those things keep our eyes on the future instead of the present, and when we live in the future, we miss people who need us right now.

When someone asks us to spend a few hours volunteering, we say no, because we are too tired from all the other things; activities that keep us circling our tails and believing we are going somewhere.

But what matters more?

The sporting practice we take our kids to, or the food bank we volunteer at?

The scouting event, or spending time with someone who is lonely?

Dialoging about race relations or finding people who don’t look like your neighbors and sitting with them.

We do everything else first, because we mix up what lasts with what doesn’t. Sure, we have good intentions, but we never find joy, because there isn’t any in busyness.

What lasts, what really lasts, is life-giving not life draining.

I challenge you this Christmas season to quit something that doesn’t matter for something that does. You won’t just change your life, you’ll change someone else’s as well.



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