Church Is . . .


There are three books that I have read in the past year and a half that have wrecked my life.

In a good way. And if you want to wreck your own view of faith, I encourage you to read.

Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks your comfortable Christianity. By Jen Hatmaker.

Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God when Sparkly Faith is No Longer Enough. By Kristin Welch (Also of blog fame, WE ARE THAT FAMILY)

Irresistable Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical. By Shane Claiborne

These books make me wrestle with my beliefs and what it means to be a Christian. To be completely authentic I can’t finish Claiborne’s book because every time I pick it up I feel like the rich young ruler who walks away from discipleship in Christ. These people live such authentic Christian walks my heart aches for what they have.


Because you see, in all of their lives, Church is a group of people living out Christ’s mission. Not a fancy service that you sip your mocha to.

The point isn’t CHURCH, the point is living love.

There are a lot of days I don’t want my name associated with the brand of Christianity going on in this country. It is often short sighted, angry and creates despair instead of being the antidote to it. How did we Christians get so far from the hope the church is supposed to be?


Church isn’t destination of faith, it is a gateway to true transformation.

Church isn’t a place to go, it is a people living love out loud.

Church isn’t a place where people are judged, it is a jumping off point for reconciliation and redemption.

Church isn’t a building, it isn’t a program, and it isn’t a committee meeting, it is a called people leaning in to God’s love.

So why do Christians focus so much on a place, time and people, instead of going out into the world and loving the way they were shown through Christ’s life?

This might be too preachy for a Wednesday afternoon.

I am really torn right now. I feel a lot of tension every Sunday walking into the building. If you go to my church you might see that look on my face and mistaken it for indigestion. And it is, it is just indigestion of the soul.

I want the people I interact with to “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is he who takes refuge in him.”- Psalm 34:8.

But can that happen when our services are about consuming God? Or filling ourselves up? Can we really keep such love tucked away in a building, hidden from people who need light?

Church has to change, and I respect people like the Hatmakers, Kristin Welch, and Shane Claiborne who live an authentic Christian life. Each of them have started movements that change lives. They focus on God’s love in themselves and then spreading that love to the person next to them.

That is what I want church to be because that is who I am called to be. I have such hope for the church of the future because I see my generation rising up and saying the status quo is too restrictive. I see such love being spread in this world and I want to be a part of it.

Do you?

Church is

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