An announcement of sorts


You may have noticed that my posts aren’t really about the kids anymore. I have to admit it, they are growing up. The long days aren’t so long anymore, but the years sure are getting shorter.

Because the kids are mainly in school, I don’t have the great stories I used to. We spend our days apart, and although they say some great one liners for Facebook it is hard to develop a post about it.

That is part of why I don’t write about them as much.

The second part is as they get older, their life should be their life. My oldest is getting to an age where she doesn’t necessarily want her stories told online. Isaac and Margo love seeing their name in print, but it isn’t too far off that they will want more privacy.

The last part is a big one. My interests have changed. A lot of my parent blogging was me trying to figure out the parent I want to be. Of course I don’t think my parenting journey is done by a long shot, but it has evolved. And now I find myself drawn more to the essentials of faith and how to live as a Christian in everyday life. Which of course impacts how I parent, how I relate to people, and how I love my husband.

So my blog is gonna change. It’s a hard decision. I know some of my readers come for the parenting stories and they aren’t particularly drawn to the religious. But honestly I have struggled to write when I try to come up with a new twist on a parenting problem that has been blogged to death. Just like my children are growing and maturing, I feel like my writing life is growing and maturing. So it is time to move on and write about where my heart is, and right now it is with the spiritual.

I will still talk about parenting, but it’s not going to be about the long days. That’s just not where I am in my life anymore. For the last elevenish years my life has revolved around parenting littles and my littles aren’t so small anymore. I am entering a new phase and I can either embrace it or run from it.

I guess I’m getting my arms at the ready, because my feet are tired from running.

I hope you keep reading and living life with me. I hope my dive into the more spiritual doesn’t scare you off but becomes a departure point for great dialogue. I feel there is a great tension right now in the church. Faith is no longer about going once a week. There are people out there yearning for more.

I am yearning for more. And just like I blogged to try and work out the parent I wanted to be, I will embark on a journey to figure out the person I want to be. How I can live out my life in faith, not just be a churchgoer.

I’m not doing this to win people to Jesus, I’m doing this because  I’m trying to figure out how to live into God while handling modern problems in the church.

So if you have struggled with the tension between faith and church; faith and society; faith and family; faith and anything, I hope this is a safe place for us to discuss our hopes, dreams, and disappointments.

The great thing about life is we are always changing; always growing. And I love that about life. It makes it hard and beautiful. Messy but graceful. (Don’t you just love the Momastery)

We always have the chance to be greater while still loving who we were.

Stick with me. I know change is hard. I spent the first 30 years of my life avoiding it, but now that my eyes are open to its possibility I am excited and hopeful for the future.

What about you?



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