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Scary Mommy

Mornings are rough.  Getting Rebecca, Isaac and Margo out the door in the morning is harder than running a half marathon.  In fact, I would gladly run mile 12 over and over again rather than try and get them to … Continue reading

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Margo is down for a nap, Isaac has been told to stay in his room until the timer goes off and I have 45 minutes to: 1.  Clean the house 2.  Exercise 3.  Read a book 4.  Nap 5.  Catch … Continue reading

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Ten things I can’t do while running

1.  Math.  On a recent run I was trying to figure out how many more miles I had to go.  I have run 3.5 and I need to do 10.  That is like, um, uh, crap.  I need a calculator. … Continue reading

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All the World is a doughnut

Margo is in the awesome stage of learning language.  If you say something to her she will repeat it.  She will repeat anything.  Isaac and Rebecca have become aware of this and try to use it to their advantage.  “Mommy, … Continue reading

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Why I cannot send my husband to the store

I hate when I discover at 9pm that I am out of something really important, like milk.  I am tired and don’t feel like going out so I will ask (beg) my husband to run to the store  because  I … Continue reading

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Weigh in Saturday

I thought I would share what a typical “weigh-in Saturday” entails.   I do not recommend this process.  I chose the weight loss program I did because it allows me to be accountable to someone other than myself.  I lost … Continue reading

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Gardening with Isaac

I wanted to feel really productive today without touching the mess in the house, so I cleaned out our raised garden bed this afternoon.  We never really grow more than beans and peas, because they take absolutely no effort at … Continue reading

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